Only about 25% of adults get enough vegetables in a day – if you don’t include French fries, that is.

Maybe it’s the fast food mentality that’s so prevalent or maybe it’s pure laziness.
There are tons of reasons people don’t eat vegetables, but today I’m more concerned with how people can start eating more vegetables EASILY, without the ‘drama’.

Everyone likes quick and easy food, but you can make it happen without resorting to a greasy burger and fries – I promise.


Here are five quick options to inspire you to eat healthier when you’re short on time:

1. Buy pre-washed salad greens and add chickpeas/tuna, avocado, tomato, onion, olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, and your favourite herbs for quick lunches.


2. Grab some apples, lemon, cucumber, ginger and spinach and whizz in a high speed blender for a healthy juice.


3. Pick up bags of microwaveable frozen vegetables and pair it with a protein and whole grain for simple dinners. Fresh is always better, but frozen vegetables are better than no vegetables at all.


4. Cut up a bunch of vegetables – like cucumber, celery, peppers, baby carrots- and store ready in your fridge and pair with nut butters and hummus for quick, filling healthy snacks all week.


5. Prep a large tray of roasted vegetables on Sundays and pair with eggs at breakfast, greens at lunch, and proteins at dinner.
Taking the time to buy some ready-to-eat vegetables and prepping fresh produce is so worth it.

Eating habits can be challenging to change, but when you shift your mindset and view eating as SELF-CARE, it becomes second-nature. Your meals will go from quick acts of fuelling to enjoyable acts of love that change your life and improve your energy and focus.


Which one of these tips will you try this week?