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I was initially sceptical of what health coaching could do for me, but just chatting to Elaine has made so many things come into clearer focus for me. One major ‘light bulb’ moment was when we looked at what I’d like to do career wise in the future. It’s a topic I have often thought about myself and got nowhere. Just looking at what I like to do where my skills are and the fact I want to wear high heels to work, led us down a track I would never have thought of and has opened my mind to so many other possibilities.

If this is all I ever get from the coaching sessions (and I know it absolutely won’t be!!) it is a major win. Everyone can learn something about themselves from coaching, even the uncoachable ones like me!


Mum to 3 & Former Pharmacist and PA to Head of a School

When Elaine first mentioned that she was doing health coaching I was a bit sceptical about how it could help me? I’ve always struggled with my weight. But I know what I SHOULD be doing it was just the doing it… The sessions were more focused on my well-being and self-care. Which had the knock-on effect of stopping the emotional or exhaustion eating habits. We identified a few bad habits that I had gotten in to and Elaine showed me methods to use to break the habits.

I now have better tracks to run on and I’m a lot more organised with my time. I’ve even started cooking which I had never really done before! I would highly recommend Elaine to help get you on track with your health and wellness goals xx


Mum of 2, Hairdresser & Forever Living Manager

Elaine has been excellent in helping me to focus on my personal health goals over the past 3 months. She started by encouraging me to set some health goals so that we could really focus on what I wanted to achieve from our sessions. Elaine is very easy to relate to, so this coupled with her excellent listening skills has allowed us to devise an achievable set of aims & goals for me to focus on. Her breadth of knowledge and experience of different techniques such as personal training, meditation, food & nutrition, EFT Tapping and the use of these in different circumstances has allowed me to have a varied health plan.

Over the past 3 months, food was one of my focuses and Elaine has helped me to set and achieve small goals every week. I think that’s the main benefit of meeting and speaking twice monthly, as it helps to keep me on track and accountable.


Photographer & Mum of 3

Elaines online programmes are great, she is so focused on helping others, she makes it simple for you to achieve your goals and find the way forward. The programmes are so effective due to Elaines dedication and care for each member that it seems easy and with the support from the others on the programme you realize ?its not just me?. Her programmes are written using all her knowledge & understanding of everyday life as a mum, wife, taxi driver, supporter & general dogs body, they do give results.

I would never have achieved my goals without Elaines support, we fasted together and even green juiced together so many times that I feel like the Hulk! Simply her programmes work and she?s at your side all the way!


Administrator & mum of 2

Elaine, I’ve been crap at looking after myself (believe me, I exercised much more before kids came) and was scared that a coach would put me down or would be too perfect or indiscreet. I wanted to feel more balanced, healthier and just happier with myself and now I do.

You’ve been absolutely fabulous!!! Since i started your programmes-

1. I’ve started to look after myself a bit (and am loving it).
2. Doing more exercise
3. Eating much healthier, even on holidays!!

I’ll never be able to thank you enough!


Business Woman & mum of 2

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