When you’re in a bad mood, what’s the one thing that snaps you out of it no matter what? What makes you feel amazing on a not-so-great day?

One of the key things I learned while studying at Integrative Nutrition is how to fuel myself and refresh my outlook through primary food – the relationships, work, exercise, and spiritual practices that fill me up in ways food can’t.

Today, I want to share my favourite ways to turn a negative mood into a positive mood and instantly feel reenergized and inspired.

Work out.
Physical movement. When I’m feeling a little down, I love to move, get outside and go for a hike with the dogs & family, get on my bike with some fab (some might not agree my music was fab lol) music on, crank up the tunes and dance in my living room, or zen out with a yoga or Brain fit workout.

Take it outside. 
Any of the above OUTSIDE – yes even the yoga! Breathing in fresh air, watching the clouds and connecting with nature.

Have more fun.
Fun and laughter are great medicine for low moods. Laughing with a friend, dancing around in your favourite party dress, watching a funny movie or show, trying to roller blade like I am still a teenager, and my attempts at singing are ways I cheer myself up.

Connect spiritually.
I reconnect and recharge through, meditation, journaling, writing a gratitude list, breathing deeply, and reminding myself that difficult moments will pass.

Connect with loved ones.
Surrounding myself with family, talking to a good friend, getting a hug, or even connecting with like-minded people on Facebook,  can make me feel more connected and less alone.

Get nourishment with energizing food.
A warm cup of tea, cooking a healthy meal, making an energizing juice, or some homemade raw chocolate experimentation can lift my mood in minutes.

What’s your favorite way to improve your mood and reenergize yourself?