6 Week S.O. You Programme (Spanx Off You, Spanx Off for Xmas)

Where are you at?

I know the holiday season is around the corner no matter how I try and avoid thinking about it. I would love to look & feel fabulous for the festive season and maybe even slip into that little sparkly black dress for a night out or two but It’s hard to find time what with the kids, work and/or just life. I am determined though this is going to be THE year that I am going to feel and look at my very best and with the support of likeminded people, I’m sure I can do it. I want to lose some weight, be able to breathe and most of all, I just want to feel like ME. Obviously looking sexy and feeling fantastic. I don’t want to think about being on another boring ‘diet’ but I do want to know how to do this through easy eating (no stupid diets), have the motivation to move my body (no crazy 2 hour gym workouts) and learn a few hints and tips that will help me in all parts of my busy life.

What problems might you be facing right now?

Bottom line is, I’m fed up with my bottom lol, well various body parts actually. I’m haven’t the inclination anymore to work this all out myself and think what to feed me and the family every day and actually I just don’t feel like I have a life, I’m always looking after other people. I need quick easy advice on food, movement, life and I’ve been told this is what you do. I’m fed up with your clothes not fitting anything except the hanger in the wardrobe and feeling tired, sluggish and pretty frumpy actually. I want to feel sexy, slim and ready to be a total Xmas Cracker.

What do you need help with right now?

I need help with food, time, movement and stuff that I can’t understand. There’s so much info around, some rubbish, some too sciency, I’d like someone to do the leg work and give me the abridged version – the stuff that actually works. I want help with how I lose some poundage and feel great in my own skin and STILL enjoy life, can that be done? I want someone to understand MY life and be able to take that into account, not just a ‘one size fits all’ approach – hate that! I really need motivation and would love to know that there are other similar women like me and we can support each other too.

How can my S.O. You Programme help you?

My S.O. You (Spanx Off) programme can help as I really do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach, that’s bonkers as we are all totally different human beings. On my programmes, we are all here together with no judgement and all on our own journeys. We are all women who want to look and feel fantastic and are there to support each other whether you are a ‘talker’ or prefer just to watch & listen. I’ve been there personally and I’ve run these programmes for over 5 years, so I know how it feels and have written this particular programme knowing what I know personally, from my clients and from my extensive studying. My programmes are run for women with ease, fun and a little ‘let’s be bloody kind to ourselves’ – we deserve it & we have a laugh! What’s the point if it’s all misery and deprivation!!!!!

What You Get

  • 2x Private 1-2-1 sessions with me so it’s completely personal to you.
  • Easy Eating Guide – Up to date nutritional information that works, without any crazy ‘boring’ diets.
  • Weekly Eating protocols that work for YOU.
  • Weekly Short but super effective exercise workouts suitable for everyone that you can do from the comfort of your own home.
  • Online Recipe Book with 40+ Recipes
  • Food diary to help you plan and stay on track.
  • Shopping Planner – Sample weeks food in a daily plan so you can copy me if it’s easier.
  • 6 Weeks of full online support from me and the other women on the programme with you – so invaluable, I promise.
  • Daily Motivation through a private facebook group.
  • Weekly Group Zoom online hour-long group chats – best to keep you on track and ask me any questions. “The weekly chats kept me so on track, they really were the best” Josie.
  • LOADS OF DOCS & VIDEOS on all things Women’s Health – cooking, motivation, movement, hormones, life, food, loads and loads of stuff.

What some of my ladies have said:

“Elaine’s 6 week online programme is great, she is so focused on helping others and makes it simple for you to achieve your goals and find the way forward. The programme is are so effective due to her dedication and care for each member that it seems easy. The support from the others on the programme helps you realize ‘it’s not just me’. Her programme is written using all her knowledge & understanding of everyday life as a mum, wife, taxi driver, supporter & general dogs-body, and it does give you results. I would never have achieved my goals without Elaine’s support.”


“Elaine, you’ve been absolutely fabulous!!! Since i started your programmes-

1. I’ve started to look after myself a bit (and am loving it).

2. Doing more excercise

3. Eating much healthier, even on holidays!!

I’ll never be able to thank you enough!”


Starts Monday 25th February (Facebook group opens Friday 22nd February)

Costs £180 for all of the above, you won’t regret it.

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