Some days I miss my old life in the sun! 

  • I miss my friends
  • I miss my old business partner Catherine & our women’s fitness & wellness business Pure Fitness
  • I miss my ladies who came to my classes
  • I miss teaching classes in the park in the sunshine
  • I miss the social side of life
  • I miss my old wrangler soft top jeep 
  • I miss going paddle boarding in the sea in the sun
  • I miss the amazing burgers from Salt & Burger Fuel
  • I miss living in the bubble of Dubai
  • I miss having a light perma-tan just from pootling around and not having to wear makeup as it’s winter and you look pale
  • I miss lots of things



On a day like today, I love where I am. On a day like today:

  • I can wake up to an email from a new, old contact. A fabulous other women’s wellness professional that I bumped into since coming back and we have become ‘accountability partners’ really – sounds a bit twatty, but we are both in the same position in different parts of the UK trying to figure out the same things.
  • I know that my family are closer than they have been for 10 years.
  • I can go to a wonderful group I was invited to join by my friend and ex Dubai’er Carryn, a small group of likeminded & inspirational women all running or setting up their own businesses, locally or online.
  • I can decide to bike the 4 miles there and 4 miles back instead of having to get in the car because although it’s cold, the sky is blue, I have gloves, a thick jumper and legs & lungs that work, and need to work.
  • I can listen to ‘choons’ like ‘I love my Life’ by Robbie Williams and smile & sing as I cycle (much to the public’s possible disgust).
  • I can bike through the park and along the quay and look at the amazing sky (and stop to take a piccy) 
  • I can bike up the biggest hill (it’s easy in the car, I had never noticed) and although I have to get off and walk at one point, I feel bloody great when I get to the top.
  • I can stop off on the way back at a gorgeous chilled out surf café called Coast and drink fresh lemon & ginger tea and eat zesty gluten / dairy free lemon cake (gorgeous btw)
  • I can listen to a voice message and reply using my Xmas earphones and mic to said old (well she’s not old) business partner in Dubs ( a new system she came up with as we miss talking ‘stuff’ to each other)
  • I can do all this while I type this and prepare my week of social media to try and grow my business.
  • I can think of the fabulous things that are coming up now, in the future, in the UK, elsewhere and…..


Everything we do, every move we make, every action we take and every thought we have is just another step in our journey whatever that may be. Today, I know people close to me that have gone for a job interview (the first one in a very long time), started a new job after being in their old company for what seems to them, to be a lifetime, are on a plane right now moving from one side of the world to another with their family to start a new life, made the change and signed up with a new driving instructor as they felt the first one wasn’t right. Lots and lots of NEW things that might feel scary but they’re just steps, they’re moving forward, and they’re MEANT to be what we’re doing right NOW. Once I started to understand that there is a plan, sometimes we know what that is and sometimes we don’t, sometimes it feels like it’s all working out and sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s ALL JUST A STEP along the path to what we are meant to be doing.

Once I got this, once I understood this everything became easier. That’s not to say I am the flying, confident trapeze artist ever day, some days I question ‘ what the h… am I doing?’ but through amazing friends, supportive hubster and family, or focusing on the part of my brain that is on the ‘moving forward side’ as opposed to the ‘staying stuck but safe side’, I can remember, it’s all good and it’s all taking me where I want to go – even if I’m not exactly sure where that will be and it may change!!!

I quote Sir Robbie- I Love My Life

I love my life
I am powerful
I am beautiful
I am free
I love my life
I am wonderful
I am magical
I am me
I love my life
Find the others
With hearts
Like yours
Run far, run free
I’m with you
And finally
I’m where I wanna be


This was only meant to be a little post but hey, inspiration took over. I will however have to head off before it gets dark as there are no lights on my bike but ….. I’m wondering if the lovely girly behind the counter would think me gluttonous if I had a second piece of cake.


Have an amazing day, you fabulously wonderful people on a path to who knows where!