14 Days to Get You Started Looking & Feeling Fantastic

Where are you at?

It’s hard for you to find time for yourself what with the kids, work and/or just life. You really want to do something to feel more like You as opposed to ‘Mum, Wife, Worker, Partner, Cleaner, Housekeeper, Taxi-Driver, General Dogs Body’. You want to lose weight to look and feel fantastic but just don’t know how to really go about it or you may know how but just don’t. There is no time and there’s so much conflicting information out there that, who or what do you believe. In fact, you’ve most likely tried loads of boring ‘diets’ but who wants to be on a diet, well, when you actually stick to it (we’ve all been there, I promise).

What problems might you be facing right now?

You’re fed up with your clothes not fitting anything except the hanger in the wardrobe. You’re sick of feeling tired, sluggish, Mrs Blobby. You want to feel sexy, slim and healthy but you just don’t seem to have time or the motivation to stick to anything. The thought of having to figure out what everyone in the family is going to eat or how you’re going to find the motivation to do any exercise let alone any down time is just too much.

What do you need help with right now?

You want someone to understand that YOUR life, there is so much stuff everyday but you really really want to know how you can lose weight, feel healthier and look bloody fantastic. You need someone to motivate you who gets it, but isn’t a shouty Sergeant Major (that would just send you running away for a cry, me too). You want to know how you can cook for your whole family and still lose weight, you want to know how to still have fun and live whilst being healthy and making good choices.

How can my programmes help you?

‘Let’s Get Started’ can help as there is no ‘one size fits all’, we are all here together with no judgement and all on our own journeys. We are all women who want to look and feel fantastic and are there to support each other whether you are a ‘talker’ or prefer just to watch & listen. I’ve been there so I know how it feels and have written this programme knowing what I know personally, from my clients and from my extensive studying. My programmes are run for women with ease, fun and a little ‘let’s be bloody kind to ourselves’ – we deserve it!

What You Get

  • Easy Eating Guide – Up to date nutritional information without any crazy ‘boring’ diets.
  • 2 Short but super effective workouts suitable for everyone that you can do from the comfort of your own home.
  • Food diary to help you plan and stay on track.
  • Useful Shopping Planner.
  • Sample weeks food in a daily plan so you can copy me if it’s easier.
  • 14 days of online support from me and the other women on the programme with you – invaluable, I promise.
  • Daily Motivation through a private facebook group.
  • 3 Facebook Q & A lives with me – beginning, middle & end.

What some of my ladies have said:

“Following your advice gave me confidence to get back into the kitchen cooking healthier family meals. You inspired me to improve my own knowledge of healthy eating. I have been able to stop medication for high blood pressure and manage depression without medication”.


“Elaine, you’ve been fabulous. I was scared a coach would put me down and be too holy, but I’ll never be able to thank you enough. I’ve now found time to look after myself and be a good role model for my kids.”


Starts Monday 25th February (Facebook group opens Friday 22nd Feb)

Costs £45 for all of the above