Small Group Programme

Where are you at?

I know you really should be doing something about your health, wellness, weight and slightly manic lifestyle. I know that I would like the support of being in a small group with friends or likeminded women that won’t judge and are looking to make a difference to their busy lives and lose the extra poundage. I’ve talked about finding some way of moving forward with this but just never got round to it!

What problems might you be facing right now?

I used to feel fabulous and not even worry about movement, eating, sleeping or feeling stressful but life has caught up on me and now just gets in the way. I’ve put on some extra weight that you just don’t seem to have the time or energy to sort out. I’m busy busy, got too much on with looking after family, friends, work and there is never enough time in the day to even think about you. I used to do some exercise but I stopped / cut back on it because life got in the way and I kind of stopped enjoying what I was doing, felt a bit old and broken.

What do you need help with right now?

I need to get into a regular routine which will allow me to lose some weight, feel healthier and more me. I need to get my eating under control and feel motivated to move my body and relax my mind more led by someone who knows what they’re talking about and won’t shout at me or make me feel worse than I already do. I want to do this in a small, friendly group that will support each other as like-minded women as I find that really keeps me on track and although I might feel a bit shy to begin with, I know it’s the way forward. I need help and advice on what to eat, how to move, how to give myself some time and priority as for so long it’s been about other people.

How can the Weekly Group & Online Classes help you?

Each class has a maximum limit of 6-10 so you get the attention and support you need in a group environment. This can be a group of like-minded women put together by me or it might be you and your colleagues or friends. It can be at your house, your work, friends houses, a lovely café or even online. We will look at different topics each week to help everyone get closer to their own personal goals. We will share ideas, recipes, movement ideas, and all in a safe space and all without any negativity or stupid ‘diets’. It’s good just to talk and share. We will support and motivate each other throughout so you will feel fantastic in whatever ways you want and you WILL actually enjoy yourself whilst getting there, there’s always room for fun and a little female silliness.

What some of my ladies have said:

“Being in the group environment, really kept me motivated. Even though I didn’t know the other ladies to start with, we all bonded as were on similar journeys and I looked forward to our group meetings every week. I wasn’t able to join one of them and really missed it.”


“It’s so good to have the others in the group as you realise ‘it’s not just me’. There are other women out there who feel like you. We all supported each other and I really believe that women work best working together, they build each other up and help pick up if someone has a fall.”


Groups can be run weekly for 6 weeks or 12.

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