Platinum 1-2-1 Private Coaching

Where are you at?

I am fed up and really ready to invest in myself and make the required changes with regards my weight, how I feel about my body and my life but I really need help. I need motivation & a real person who understands me and my situation, someone to be accountable to and to really hold my hand getting there. I have tried so many things and either they don’t work, or they work for a while and then my motivation goes and I’m back to square one or even further back. I want personal help and know I need to give it the time, space and energy it needs. I am ready to do this and ready to look & feel fabulous!

What problems might you be facing right now?

I have various sizes of clothes in my wardrobe which really pisses me off but I don’t want to throw them away. I know I don’t look after myself properly and my weight has gone up and motivation has gone down. I have no willpower to do this on my own and am now just so fed up with how I look and feel. Why can’t I do this, I‘m an intelligent, capable woman so what’s wrong with me? I want to feel fabulous, sexy and the very best version of me possible.

What do you need help with right now?

If it was just me then I could concentrate on me, giving my body what it needs with food, movement & some chill time, but it’s not there’s family, work, friends, life and never enough time for me. I need solutions as to how to make this happen with the life I have. I don’t want a ‘one size fits all’ and I want to someone to understand my life and all it entails but also know how to help me. I want help with easy recipes that my family will eat, ways to move that I like and work and also to understand how it all fits together so I can get the results I want.

How my 1-2-1 Private Coaching can help you?

I’ve been there so I know how it feels to feels not to be happy with your body, overwhelmed with what you may need to do or ‘give up’ and actually really disappointed in yourself that you haven’t managed it yourself. Life is busy and sometimes there seems too much to cope with. Over the years of my own journey, my clients and my indepth studying, I know what works and I know how to help you get the results you need. My 1-2-1’s will help with what YOU need to get you where YOU want to be with the time, energy and resources YOU have. I can help you help yourself to look & feel fantastic, that’s my promise to you. There is no silly diets or 10km runs (unless you want to). We will look at what changes need to be made and make them so you will just carry on this way for life – YOU WILL NEVER NEED TO GO ON A DIET AGAIN!

What some of my ladies have said:

“I had so many lightbulb moments and who doesn’t need some new recipes, healthy and delicious! For me I would never have achieved some of my goals without Elaines support, we fasted together and even green juiced together so many times that I feel like the Hulk! Simply it works with Elaine at your side all the way!”


“I’ve always struggled with my weight. But I know what I SHOULD be doing it was just the doing it… The sessions were more focused on my wellbeing and selfcare. Which had the knockon effect of stopping the emotional or exhaustion eating habits. We identified a few bad habits that I had gotten in to and Elaine showed me methods to use to break the habits. I’ve even started cooking which I had never really done before! I would highly recommend Elaine to help get you on track with your health and wellness goals xx”


What Is Involved:

What? – Online or in person 45 minute sessions

When? – every 2 weeks for 6 months

How? – Full Support – face to face, what’s app’s. facebook, recipes, videos, docs, emails, kitchen clear outs (if you wish)

What I need from you – commitment that you’re with me on this and we WILL get results

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