Gold 1-2-1 Coaching Programme

Where are you at?

I have extra weight that I want to get rid of but am short of time due to having family, work, the usual. On the whole I think I know what I should be doing but I’m so bored of trying to do this myself. Things work for a little while and then I just give up. I quite fancy doing an online group programme but feel I need a bit of a start with 1-2-1 support with another woman who understands where I’m coming from. I want to feel fabulous but do need a bit of guidance or even just someone to keep me on the right track for a short period of time.

What problems might you be facing right now?

I’m fed up of thinking that I ‘should’ be on a ‘diet’. It’s dull and boring but I do need to lose some weight. I am at that point in life when weight starts to creep on but I’ve still got lots of responsibilities so struggle with headspace and staying on track with what I need to do to fit into the size smaller jeans hanging in my wardobe and that dress I used to love wearing. I don’t have much time, I’m not really sure how to fit movement into my life and haven’t quite worked out what I actually like to do. Al os this makes me feel a bit stressed which can have adverse effects on those around me and sometimes my sleep, digestive health & overall feeling of wellness starts to drop.

What do you need help with right now?

I need someone to listen to me, understand my life and help me to remember what works for me and also give me some new ideas as to what will shift the weight whilst still running around after the family. I want guidance on what to cook for the family that will also help me achieve my goals, actual real advice on what exercise or movement actually works not what I should be doing. I’m interested in health and wellness but I find there is so much conflicting info out there that it’s just a minefield and I haven’t got the time or inclination to try and wade through it. I need info that is tried and tested with real woman not supermodels in bikinis (although I wouldn’t mind being one).

How my 1-2-1 Private Coaching can help you?

I’ve been there so I know how it feels to feels not to be happy with your body, overwhelmed with what you may need to do or ‘give up’ and actually really disappointed in yourself that you haven’t managed it yourself. Life is busy and sometimes there seems too much to cope with. Over the years on my own journey, my clients and my in-depth studying, I know what works and I know how to help you get the results you want. My 1-2-1’s will help with what YOU need to get you where YOU want to be with the time, energy and resources YOU have. I can help you help yourself to look & feel fantastic, that’s my promise to you. There are no silly diets or 10km runs (unless you want to). We will look at what changes need to be made and make them, so you will just carry on this way for life – YOU WILL NEVER NEED TO GO ON A DIET AGAIN!

What some of my ladies have said:

“‘Elaine has been excellent in helping me to focus on my personal health goals over the past 3 months. She started by encouraging me to set some health goals so that we could really focus on what I wanted to achieve from our sessions. Elaine is very easy to relate so this coupled with her excellent listening skills has allowed us to devise an achievable set of aims & goals for me to focus on. Her breadth of knowledge and experience of different techniques such as personal training, meditation, food & nutrition, EFT Tapping and the use of these in different circumstances has allowed me to have a varied health plan. Over the past 3 months, food was one of my focuses and Elaine has helped me to set and achieve small goals every week. I think that’s the main benefit of meeting and speaking twice monthly, as it helps to keep me on track and accountable.”


“I was initially sceptical of what health coaching could do for me, but just chatting to Elaine has made so many things come into clearer focus for me. Everyone can learn something about themselves from coaching, even the uncoachable ones like me!.”


What Is Involved:

What? – Online or in person 45 minute sessions

When? – every 2 weeks for 3 months

How? – Full Support – face to face, what’s app’s. facebook, recipes, videos, docs, emails, whatever you feel you need.

What I need from you – commitment that you’re with me on this and we WILL get results

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